Second Grade

Language Arts
Comprehension in reading is emphasized. Specific skills are taught and reinforced through the basal program, trade books, and teacher-developed activities. Simple book reports are assigned and vary from student choice to titles reflecting content area studies. Second graders respond to literature through class discussions, journal assignments, and creative writing activities. Spelling and Phonics studies continue and students are introduced to formal grammar instruction and a vocabulary development program. Each step of the writing process is introduced and practiced through a variety of writing themes. Writing portfolios expand as new pieces are added.

Mastery of basic facts to 18 enables students to move confidently to multi-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. Application problems move from single step to multi-step computation solutions and students work with data to interpret graphs, tables and charts. Exploration in numeration, time, fractions, money and geometry continues.

Science investigations allow students further exploration of their environment. As they are introduced to new technical vocabulary in Science, students create study cards and continue practicing study skills in Science. Developing an understanding of the scientific process is essential as students participate individually in the annual Science Fair by investigating a problem on their own.

Social Studies

History and community studies are emphasized in Second Grade. Students begin with a study of the local and state community and geography and begin a project that provides a more detailed view of the national community and geography. Communities from America’s past are explored and content is integrated with historical chapter books. Interactive learning units supplement a text series to make social studies a “living” experience.
Enrichment Curriculum

Art instruction focuses on elements of drawing and painting as students explore the use of lines, shapes, textures and other elements of art. An annual Art Fair encourages students to showcase a favorite piece.

Computers as an interactive tool for learning are introduced to second graders as they explore more features of the Media Center. Book Talks and occasional visits to online sites continue to make Library a pleasurable and meaningful. Second graders are introduced to grade level projects in typing, word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Music incorporates singing, a basic introduction to theory, movement and listening, and xylophone. All students participate in a musical performance during the year.

Physical Education introduces sportsmanship and fitness. Students participate in cooperative games, learn the fundamentals of various sports, and participate in the Presidential Fitness Award program. An annual Field Day celebrates fun competition with individual and group events.

Spanish is taught at two levels. Instruction is integrated with studies in vocabulary, grammar, geography, and culture. Units of study culminate with theme celebrations and projects.